Thursday, August 30, 2012

Golf Etiquette - 7 Dos and Don'ts

Golf is a pleasant way to spend your day whether playing your buddies or your boss, but, as laid back as the sport is, it still requires that we all follow some basic dos and don'ts to avoid earning a bad name amongst your fellow golfers. So, in order to keep the competition friendly, follow these tips and ensure the only reason they aren't talking to you, is because they lost.

Be punctual

Golf is a lengthy game and tardiness will not make you popular, so, unless you are seeking to surpass Marilyn Monroe's reputation at timekeeping, ensure you arrive at least 15 minutes early, even if playing with friends, and especially if playing with your boss.

Playing Order

It is commonly acknowledged that for the first hole, the player with the lowest handicap tees off first and for subsequent shots the player whose ball landed farthest from the green goes first. With each new hole the winner of the previous one goes first.

Don't take endless practice shots

Avoid the temptation to practice your swings repeatedly before actually taking the shot, one practice swing is plenty and not lingering in this fashion will avoid slowing down others player's game.

Be ready for your shots

Prepare for your shots before it is your turn wherever possible, have your club to hand and remove the cover beforehand. Remain as close as is practical to your ball without disrupting other peoples shots so as to avoid unnecessary delays in the game.

Be considerate of the course

Other people want to use the course as well so be mindful of any damage you do to it. Replace chunks of disturbed grass and gently press it back into place and rake the bunker you just left your footprints in. Caring for the course in this fashion will ensure everyone gets to enjoy it at its best.


Be sure you don't use your scorecard on the green you have just played, the commonly accepted time to update it is on the way to the next course, it is considered bad form to update it whilst still on the same green.


Now, appropriate clothing isn't exactly a necessity for playing golf, but you'll look a bit out of place if you turn up in jogging bottoms and a t-shirt and everyone else has their best golfing jumper on. Plus, proper golfing shoes can be great for upping your game.

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