Saturday, June 2, 2012

Top Golf Shoes

Footwear is a key part of the serious golfer's game. The right, or wrong, shoes can make a major difference. And in recent years, many courses have shifted away from metal spikes and to soft spikes. It's possible you may need to update your shoes.

The problem is, there are many options for golf footwear. Perhaps too many options. It can be overwhelming, when you step into the pro shop or sporting goods store and start browsing row after row of shoes.

Here are some pairs that every serious, committed golfer should at least consider before their next trip to the links.

>>Adidas Adicros

Price: $90

These shoes are spikeless and light weight. They have great resistance to slipping and strong flexibility. You'll love the 124 traction nodules that will really change the way you swing. Comfortable and light weight, you can do much worse than these. Adidas, while not the typical brand you think about when you think about golf, has years and years and years of experience making shoes for all different kinds of sports. That experience shows through. They are also available in several different colors if you're interested in some fashion coordination as you golf.

>>Footjoy Contour Casuals

Price: $100

Much like the Adidas Adicros, these shoes are spikeless with great slip resistance and the perfect amount of flexibility. They're understand and classy looking. In fact, you can wear these shoes on our off the course - they'll fit in almost anywhere. The shoe is waterproof with a rubber-nub outsole, which designers have used to enhance both comfort and traction. These shoes are highly customizable with a total of 47 possible size and width combinations. This company, Footjoy, is definitely accurately named.

>>Callaway Razr

Price: $185

These athletic shoes have perfect slip resistance with high flexibility. This is a higher-end shoe with full-grain leather. Callaway, one of the most well-known and reliable names in golf, offers a two-year waterproof guarantee. The Razr features a low-profile cleat receptacle developed by Softspikes. The goal is to improve feel and decrease the overall spike pressure. Designers of this piece of high quality footwear have also added a special layer inside the shoe is designed to mitigate any and all temperatures. Players rave about the comfortable yet secure feel of these shoes.

>>Nike Dunk NG

Price: $130

Hard to imagine that golf, with all its classic tradition, could have anything at all in common with skateboarding, an upstart sport for kids in baggy clothes with blaring headphones. Yet these shoes prove that it's possible. Nike Dunks, originally a classic basketball shoe, have seen popularity among the skateboard crowd. And now you can also get a pair perfect for the golf course. This shoe comes with a rubber cupsole with seven cleats and full-grain leather upper with a two-year waterproof warranty. A full-length, contoured sock liner brings it to a whole new level of comfort. Available in many colors and designs, these could be the ideal choice for the golfer who wants to maintain hipness and style on the course.

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