Saturday, July 28, 2012

Don't Miss the 2012 Ryder Cup - It's the Best Theater You'll Watch in Golf

For golf fans who have never watched a Ryder Cup competition I strongly recommend that you watch this year's competition. The Ryder Cup began in 1927 and was created with the intention of being a friendly golf match played between Europe and America with the qualities of sportsmanship, honesty and integrity being upheld throughout the competition.

From 1927 to 1985 the American side dominated the competition. From 1985 to 1995 Europe and America were about equal. While from 1995 forward, Europe has dominated. Europe won the last Ryder Cup in 2010, held at Celtic Manor in Wales. This year the Ryder Cup is being played at the Medinah Country Club in Medinah, IL, USA. The Americans will have home field advantage with loyal fans encouraging them on.

I am not partisan to either team but thoroughly enjoy the partisanship demonstrated by members of both sides. The players take a great deal of pride in representing their team and they place a great deal of pressure on themselves to win for their side. Such pride and desire is the foundation that will generate great theater during the competition. Any of the players who have played the Ryder Cup walk away from the competition with life time memories. In later years, many of them captain a Ryder Cup team with the same pride, determination, sportsmanship and dedication that they played with during their playing days. In so doing, the spirit of the Ryder Cup passes from one generation of golfers to another.

This year's European team is captained by Jose Maria Olazabal. His vice captains are: Miguel Angel Jimenez, Thomas Bjorn, Darren Clarke, and Paul McGinley. No doubt the memories of Seve Ballesteros will influence the passion and be a source of motivation for the European team. Seve loved this competition and was a formidable advocate of its form. With Darren Clarke as a vice captain, can you imagine what the victory party will be like if they win? I bet they will see the sun come up, if they win!

The American team is captained by Davis Love III. His assistants are: Fred Couples, Jeff Sluman, Scott Verplank and Mike Hulbert. The American team, no doubt, are in good hands as well.

The Ryder Cup will be played at the Medinah Country Club, Medinah, IL, USA. I particularly enjoy watching golf played on golf courses from north eastern locations of the USA. The broad leaf trees adds a nice character to TV broadcast. The Medinah Country Club golf holes are well lined with broad leaf trees. So I am positive the event will be visually pleasing to watch.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Golf Clubs, Should I Buy Steel Shafts or Graphite Shafts?

When buying golf clubs is there a big difference between Steel shafted golf clubs and Graphite shafted clubs, and if so what are they. If you are new to the game of golf or have a low handicap, these are the questions you will be asking yourself before buying a new set of golf clubs.

Golf sets usually comprise of 8 irons, 4 iron right down to your Sand Wedge and 3-4 Woods. The woods will be fitted with graphite shafts as standard, as the shafts are much longer than shafts fitted to the irons, this will reduce the weight of the club and reduce the vibration through the shaft on impact when striking the ball.

Keypoints to look out for.

    Steel shafts are usually at least 10% cheaper than graphite shafts
    Steel shafts are more durable than shafts made from graphite. Although that said graphite composites have improved so much over the years, this gap is narrowing.

Feel and Distance

Graphite shafts are lighter than steel so the swing speed can be increased, thus adding extra yards to your shot, so for more yardage do you buy the graphite? Well this depends on your swing speed.

Golfers who have a fast swing speed do not need any more speed that might be generated by using graphite shafts, as they will lose feel and control during the swing due to the extra flexibility of the shaft. Steel shafted clubs will give the golfer much more feel and control through the swing and on impact with the ball. So if you have a fast swing speed and distance is not the main priority and you want more control over your shots, then steel is the better option.

Golfers who have a slower swing speed and yardage is one of the main factors should contemplate buying graphite shafts.

Graphite shafts are very popular amongst the senior golf players of today. As we get older are swing speed decreases we may not be as physically strong as we used to be, we may not be able to make a full back swing due to back or shoulder problems.

So if you have a slow swing speed and your back swing is only goes back half or three quarters, graphite would benefit your game. Another benefit graphite shafts have over steel shafts is vibration on miss hit shots, the vibration is not transmitted up the shaft to your hands as much if you use graphite.

Monday, July 16, 2012

6 Must-Have Cool Golf Items in 2012

Either you are a beginner or a professional golfer; you need tools to help you in your golf play. Fortunately, the bright minds spent some time thinking about your concerns to produce the following tools. Here are 6 cool golf items that are a must-have in 2012.

Speed Whoosh

This speed and timing training gadget is equipped with a Magnetic Timing Ball that slides down the shaft. It activates your fast-twitch muscle fibers, which lie semi-dormant until activated by an action, and prepares them for action. With the magnetic timing ball at the end of the shaft, you can boost your club head speed by swinging it as fast as you can 6 times in a row. Switching back to your favorite golf club, you will notice an increase in club head speed up to 7 mph right away. The help in boosting speed in can provide makes a tool used by many PGA TOUR Top Players.

EEZ-Read Green Reader

This tool, pronounced as Easy Read, can help you quickly read green's contours. It's very compact that it can easily be stored in your pocket during play. Sometimes putts characterize subtle and confusing breaks. With this tool, you have a way to determine the overall break and from there draw your putting strategy. It is also a great way to trim down the time spent on analyzing the break in the green.

Softspikes Cyclone

Adding an extra control on your golf swing is just a matter of equipping your golf shoes with small pieces of metal, like the Cyclone by Softspikes. This golf cleat features an innovative circling design engineered to neutralize the forces seen during impact. Thus, it allows you greater traction than that offered by typical shoes. During golf swing if the feet are not anchored securely can slip and produce undesirable results, not to mention spikes protect you from slipping on hilly terrain or during wet conditions.

Hybrid Laser GPS

Talking about a gadget that is a rangefinder and GPS in one is no other than the constantly accurate Hybrid Laser GPS by Bushnell. It's the first ever laser rangefinder equipped with GPS for golfers' convenience. It's the game-changer you need featuring PinSeeker Technology used by more than 90% of PGA professionals, not to mention the 25,000+ pre-loaded golf courses in North America offered in the GPS function.


If you are concerned with your golf swing like any other golfers, there is one gadget that empowers your game with instantaneous swing data, the Swingbyte. This little gadget can easily be attached to your golf club to capture valuable swing data with 3D imagery, which you can analyze in real-time on your mobile device. It's a perfect tool to evaluate your swing for further improvement or to keep track simply of your swing with its advanced analytics.

Boccieri Secret Grip

How would you like to dress up your golf clubs with a grip that helps improve your consistency, control and distance on the green? Yes, you can, with Boccieri's Secret Grip. This tool enhances the back weight of your club, allowing you a balance point which promotes better body mechanics. With this in your golf club, you can set your hands more quickly, allow you smoother transition, square face at impact and balanced finish. If you are not sure how the back weighting system does the magic, see Byron Shultz, a PGA Master Professional, talking about it on YouTube.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Golf Training To Improve Your Game

There are many ways to use golf training to play a stronger game. A competitive golfer must have flexibility, core stability, and an awareness of their body, as well as strength and muscular endurance. While it is possible to become a good golfer by simply playing rounds of golf, to become a stronger player, focus on each of these areas separately.

Adding cardiovascular workouts and weight training will build strength and endurance. Pilates and yoga workouts increase flexibility and core strength. All of these workouts have a positive affect on the golf game without investing more time and money on the golf course. Once on the golf course, the golfer will be stronger and more flexible, making it easier to concentrate on instructions.

The time invested with a golf pro taking lessons can focus on specific weakness in the golf game or general work. A good golf pro will be able to observe the student and determine what areas of the game need the most work. Common trouble areas include help with the swing and set-up.

There are many different problems that can develop with the swing, and, without dedicated work, these bad habits become difficult to eradicate. The golf pro will work with the student to adjust the position and speed of the swing, and help him or her develop an eye for distance.

Work with the set-up typically concentrates on the student's grip, alignment and stance. Many individuals find it difficult to maintain balance for the best possible set-up, and quickly revert to old patterns unless they have someone nearby to critique their form.

Physical issues are not the only concerns when working to improve the golf game. Golf relies heavily on a strong mental game. Working with a golf pro can help strengthen that mental edge needed to successfully sink a key putt or stay focused on the game when performing poorly. Developing mental toughness requires a different set of skills than improving the physical game, however, and not all golf pros focus on this skill. Anyone having trouble with the mental aspect of their game should speak with the potential instructor before signing up for lessons to make sure this is something the instructor focuses on.

Aside from working with a golf pro and becoming more physically fit, working on the all-important golf swing by hitting into a net and practicing the short game on a putting green will improve anyone's golf game. The key component of improving the golf game is to practice consistently. Once weekly lessons or trips to the putting green will not result in improvements, and may actually lead to injury. Perform strength training and cardio between lessons, set up a net in the backyard to work on swing, and talk to the golf pro about the best way to improve between sessions.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Buying Golf Clothing and Accessories - Tips for Beginners

Getting into the game of golf? Whether it's for fun and exercise or out of necessity for work purposes, you might be wondering what you really need for getting started. Yes, you can rent clubs and you don't need to own a golf cart but what about golf clothes?

Some golf clubs require specific golf clothing. Wearing the right attire looks good, yes, but it also helps you with your game, too. If you're playing golf with boss, a client, or potential client, you'll want to dress to impress and to be sure you know what's expected for a dress code at the club you are playing at.

It's not necessary to spend a fortune buying golf clothing and accessories when you are new to the game. It's best to see if you fall in love with the sport before spending a lot of money. But a few basics will help you ensure you aren't shunned from the golf course due to lack of proper attire and will help you with comfort on the course, as well.

Polo Shirts

Many golf clubs require a collared shirt. A polo t-shirt, commonly called a golf shirt, is wise and doesn't have to cost a lot of money. It's also wise to have some sort of sweater or sweater jacket to help you in case of cool weather or rain. (There are a variety of golf rain jackets that let you stay drier).


In terms of trousers, you don't have to wear tartan golf pants (unless you want to). A pair of khaki trousers or golfing shorts can work well (just be sure they're close to your knees in length).

Golf Gloves

Many players find golf gloves to be helpful for gripping.

Golf Shoes

If you have golf shoes, that's great. But if you don't, most courses don't make them a requirement. If you do begin to play more regularly, you'll likely want to invest as many golfers say they make a great difference.

Golf Accessories

There is a wide array of golf accessories available. Some are great for beginners and others are fine to wait to purchase for later. You don't need a golf watch or special golf GPS straight away but be sure to wear a hat in case it's a sunny day.

Get Some Help Perfecting Your Game

If you are new to the sport, you might want a few lessons to help you out. They can give you a good idea of proper form and techniques plus some of the basics including the best clubs in your golf bag for certain scenarios. A golf trainer may also recommend specific golf clothing or accessories to help you with your game, too.

Most of all, when starting to dig into the sport, have fun; that's really what it's all about!